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Videogiochi Vintage Anni ’80 su

I nostalgici delle vecchie console di videogiochi grazie ad possono adesso ritrovare i giochi con cui hanno trascorso belle serate da soli o sfidando amici e parenti.

Infatti recentemente sul sito di sono stati pubblicati una serie di giochi vintage suddivisi per varie console.


Basta cliccare sulla console, poi sul gioco ed è possibile subito divertirsi a sfidare il computer.

Le console disponibili sono:
The Atari 2600, The Atari 7800 ProSystem, The ColecoVision, The Magnavox Odyssey, The Astrocadee e The SG-1000.

Ecco ad esempio tutti i giochi per Atari 2600, disponibili fino alla data di creazione di questo articolo.

3D Genesis 3D Ghost Attack 3D Tic-Tac-Toe
A-Team The Activision Decathalon Adventure
Adventures of Tron Air-Sea Battle Air Raiders
Airlock Alien Alligator People
Alpha Beam With Ernie Amidar Androman on the Moon
Angling Angriff Der Luftflotten Apples and Dolls
Aquaventure Armor Ambush Artillery Duel
Assault Asterix Asteroids
Astroblast Astrowar Atari VCS Point of Purchase
Atari Video Cube Aufruhr Im Zoo Autorennen
Bachelor Party Bachelorette Party Backgammon
Bank Heist Barnstorming Base Attack
Baseball Basketball Battlezone
Beamrider Beany Bopper Beat ‘em and Eat ‘em
Berenstain Bears Bermuda Triangle Berzerk
Bibi Blackjack Bloody Human Freeway
Blueprint BMX Air Master Bobby is Going Home
Boggle Boom Bang Bowling
Boxing Breakout Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
Bugs Bunny Bugs Bump N Jump
Bumper Bash Burgertime Burning Desire
Busy Police Cakewalk Bakery California Games
Canyon Bomber Care Bears (Prototype) Carnival
Casino Cat Trax Catch Time
Cathouse Blues Centipede Championship Soccer
Chase the Chuckwagon Checkers China Syndrome
Chopper Command Chuck Norris Superkicks Circus Atari
Color Bar Generator Combat Combat II (Prototype)
Commando Commando Raid Computer Chess (Prototype)
Condor Attack Confrontation Congo Bongo
Cosmic Ark Cosmic Commuter Cosmic Corridor
Cosmic Creeps Cosmic Swarm Termite Crack’ed (Prototype)
Crackpots Crash Dive Crazy Climber
Cross Force Crossbow Cruise Missile
Crypts of Chaos Crystal Castles Cubicolor
Custer’s Revenge Dark Chambers Deadly Duck
Death Trap Defender Defender II
Demolition Herby Demon Attack Demons to Diamonds / Hot Rox
Desert Falcon / Nile Flyer Diagnostic Test Cartridge 2.0 Diagnostic Test Cartridge 2.6
Dice Puzzle Dig Dug Dishaster / Dancing Plate
Dodge ‘em – Dodger Cars Head On Dolphin Donald Duck’s Speedboat
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. Double Dragon
Double Dunk Super Basketball Dragonfire Dragster
Dukes of Hazzard Dumbo’s Flying Circus Dune
Dungeon Dark Chambers (Beta) E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Earth Attack / Defender
The Earth Dies Screaming Eggomania Elevator Action
Eli’s Ladder Elk Attack Encounter at 1-5 / Megalon Invasion
Enduro The Entity Entombed / Maze Chase
Espial Exocet Fantastic Voyage
Farmyard Fun / Play Farm Video Fast Eddie Fast Food
Fatal Run Ultimate Driving Fathom Final Approach
Fire Fighters Fire Fly Fisher Price / Skindiver
Fishing Derby Flag Capture Football
Frankenstein’s Monster Freeway Frisco
Frog Pond Frogger Frogs and Flies
Front Line Frostbite Funky Fish
G.I. Joe – Cobra Strike Galaxian Gameline Master Module
Gamma Attack Gangster Alley Garfield on the Run
Gauntlet Ghost Manor Ghostbusters
Gigolo Glacier Patrol Glib Video Word Game
Go Home Monster Championship Golf Gopher Attack
Gorf Grand Prix Grand Prize / Enduro Funvision
Gravitar Great Escape / Asteroid Fire Gremlins
Guardian Cosmic Combat Gyruss H.E.R.O.
Halloween Halo 2600 Hangman
Harbor Escape / River Raid Harem Hole Hunter aka Topy
Holey Moley / Honker Bonker Home Run Baseball Human Cannonball – Cannon Man
Hunt and Score / Memory Match I Want My Mommy Ice Hockey
Ikari Warriors Imagic Selector ROM Immies and Aggies
Inca Gold / Spider Kong Indy 500 – Race Car Infiltrate
International Soccer Ixion James Bond 007
Jaw Breaker Journey: Escape Joust
Jr. Pac-Man Jungle Fever Jungle Hunt
Kabobber Kamikaze Saucers Kangaroo
Karate Keystone Kapers Keystone Kapers
King Kong Klax Knight on the Town
Kool-Aid Man Krull Kung Fu Master
Kyphus Lady in Wading Laser Blast
Laser Gates Inner Space Laser Volley Lasercade
Last Starfighter Lilly Adventure Lockjaw
Lock N’ Chase London Blitz Looping
Lord of the Rings Lost Luggage M.A.S.H.
MAD Malagai Mangia
Marauder Marine Wars Mario Bros.
MASH Master Builder Masters of the Universe
Math Gran Prix Maze Craze – A Game of Cops N Robbers McDonalds Golden Arches Adventure
Mega Force Megaboy Megamania: A Space Nightmare
Meltdown – Atom Smasher Midnight Magic – Pinball Wizard Mighty Mouse / Gopher
Millipede Mind Maze Miner 2049er Starring Bounty Bob
Miner 2049er Volume II Mines of Minos Miniature Golf – Arcade Golf
Miss Piggy’s Wedding Missile Command Mission 3000 AD
Misterious Thief Monstercise Montezuma’s Revenge Featuring Panama Joe
Moon Patrol Moonsweeper Moto Laser / Mega Force
Motocross Racer Motorodeo / Motor Olympics Mountain King
Mouse Trap Mr. Postman Ms. Pac-Man
Mysterious Thief Name This Game Night Driver
Nightmare Nuts Obelix
Ocean City / Atlantis Off The Wall Off Your Rocker
Open Sesame Othello Out of Control
Outlaw / Gunslinger Pac-Man Pac Kong / Spider Kong
Peek-a-Boo Pega Ladrao Pengo
Pepsi Invaders Pete Rose Baseball Phantom Tank
Pharoah’s Curse Philly Flasher Phoenix
Pick Up Picnic – Catch the Fly Piece ‘o Cake
Pigs in Space Starring Miss Piggy Pinball / Video Pinball Pitfall
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Pizza Chef / Pizza Time Planet of the Apes
Plaque Attack Playground Pleiades
Plug Attack / Plaque Attack Polaris Pole Position
Polo Pompeii Labrynth Pooyan
Popeye Porky’s Pressure Cooker
Private Eye Q-Bert Q-Bert’s Qubes
Quadrun Quest for Quintana Roo R. Hood
Rabbit Transit Racing Car Racquetball
Radar / Exocet Radar Lock Dog Fight Raft Rider
Raiders of the Lost Ark Ram It Reactor
Realsports Baseball Realsports Boxing Realsports Football
Realsports Soccer Realsports Tennis Realsports Volleyball
Red Vs. Blue Football Rescue Terra I Resgate Espacial / Moonsweeper
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes Riddle of the Sphinx River Raid
River Raid II River Raid III Road Runner
Robot Tank Roc N’ Rope Rocky and Bullwinkle
Room of Doom Rubik’s Cube Rubik’s Cube / Atari Video Cube
Saboteur Sabotage Save Our Ship Save the Whales
Scuba Diver / Skindiver Sea Hunt Sea Monster
Sea Monster / Monstre Des Mers Seaquest Secret Agent
Shark Attack / Lochjaw Shootin Gallery Shuttle Orbiter
Sinistar Sir Lancelot Skateboardin’
Skeet Shoot Skiing / Le Ski Sky Diver / Dare Diver
Sky Patrol / Aerial Ace Sky Skipper Slot Machine
Slot Racers Smurf – Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle Sneak N’ Peek / Hide N’ Seek
Snoopy and the Red Baron Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Soccer / International Soccer
Solar Fox Solar Storm Solaris Universe | The Last Starfi ghter
Sorcerer Sorcerer’s Apprentice Space Adventure / Flash Gordon
Space Canyon / Space Cavern Space Invaders Space Jockey
Space Robert Space Shuttle – A Journey Into Spa ce Space War – Space Combat
Spacechase Spacemaster X-7 Spider-Man
Spider Fighter Spider Maze / Spider Kong Spiderdroid / Amidar
Spike’s Peak Spinning Fireball Spitfire Attack Flight Commander
Springer Sprint Master / Sprint 88 Spy Hunter
Squeeze Box Snail Against Squirrel SSSnake
Stampede Star Fox Star Raiders
Star Ship Star Trek – Strategic Operations Star Voyager
Star Wars – Jedi Arena Star Wars – Return of the Jedi Star Wars – Ewok Adventure
Star Wars – The Arcade Game Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back Stargate
Stargunner Starmaster Steeplechase
Stellar Track / Stella Trek Stone Age Strategy X
Strawberry Shortcake Street Racer – Speedway II Stronghold
Stunt Cycle Stunt Man / Nightmare Sub-Scan Subterfuge
Submarine Commander Seawolf 3 Subterranea Tarantula Summer Games
Super Ferrari / Enduro Super Baseball Super Box / Realsports Boxing
Super Breakout Super Cobra Super Football
Super Soccer / Realsports Soccer Super Tennis Super Volleyball
Surround / Chase Blockade Survival Run / Cosmic Commander Swordquest – Earthworld Adventure
Swordquest – Fireworld Adventure Swordquest – Waterworld Adventure Tac-Scan
Tank Brigade Tank City / Thunderground Tanks But No Tanks aka Phantom Tan k
Tapeworm Tapper Targ
Target Practice Carnival Task Force / Gangster Alley Tax Avoiders
Taz Tazz Tempest Tennis
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Threshold Thunderground
Thwocker Time Pilot Time Wrap
Title Match Pro Wrestling Tomarc The Barbarian Tomat – The F-14 Fighter Simulator
Tooth Protectors Towering Inferno Track and Field
Trick Shot Tron – Deadly Discs Tunnel Runner – Black Box
Turmoil Tutankham Universal Chaos / Targ
Up n’ Down Vanguard Venture
Video Checkers Video Chess Video Cube
Video Jogger Foot Craze Video Life Video Olympics
Video Pinball Video Reflex Foot Craze Volleyball / Realsports Volleyball
Wabbit Wall Defender / Wall Break Wall Ball
Warlords / Kings in the Corner Warplock Wings
Winter Games Wizard Wizard of Wor
Word Zapper / Word Grabber Worm War I X-Man
Xenophobe Xevious Yars Revenge
Z-Tack / Base Attack Zaxxon Zoo Fun

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